Is It Time Your Business Started Using Mezzanine Flooring?

The adjustable free-standing platform could be crucial to your business’ productivity, allowing for extra storage capacity, more working stations and better organisation for stock. If you have any problems with space in your warehouse, mezzanine floors might just be the solution to your problems. Read on for further details on how they can benefit your business.

Mezzanine Flooring

No Need for Relocation

Renting or buying additional space is expensive, especially when you consider the space required for warehouse storage. Mezzanine flooring removes the need to fork out too much. Relocation can also take up a lot of employee time, affecting company productivity. Mezzanine floors are quick to install and dismantle, can be easily moved, and their maintenance will have minimal disturbance to the daily running of a company.

Take Advantage of Your Free Space

Most warehouses have plenty of open, unused space above ground level due to their high ceilings. Warehouse floors are often littered with workers, as well as stock and equipment as there may be nowhere else to put them. Mezzanine flooring utilises the spare air space with temporary offices and storage facilities, freeing up room on the cluttered ground level; helping product organisation and ease of movement. It also financially benefits a business to increase the capacity limit of stock, so hiring a mezzanine floor could end up paying for itself.

Tailored Design for Your Business Needs

Mezzanine flooring can be specifically designed to fit the cubic diameters of your building. Installers will look at a space and decide which flooring is best for your business needs in terms of size, storage capacity and pallet weight limitations. Offices or testing rooms can even be constructed in the area below the mezzanine, whilst storage is used above. So, therefore, making the most of all the space the mezzanine flooring structure takes up. They can even come with key office attributes such as electricity, heating and ventilation.

If you don’t have mezzanine flooring in your warehouse yet, it should probably be something to consider. It might put you above your competitors, quite literally.

TV Installer

TV Installer

Home Entertainment System

home theatre

Going to the movies is fun. Going out with friends to the club just to hear some great music at superior quality is equally delighting. However, not every day is clubbing or movies day. Some days you just want to relax at home and enjoy your own form of entertainment. If you don’t want to miss the great quality and the superior impressive sound that gets you dancing and glued at your screen, then a smart home system is what you need.  A home entertainment system is the true definition of quality. Home entertainment systems come in different set-ups, based on the audio and sound quality of the system. Visual quality is pegged on several factors such as the source component, while sound quality is pegged on factors such as the surround system. No matter the set-up, a home entertainment system is a sure guarantee of an amazing experience.

Making your choice

The idea of having a home entertainment system may sound fun but the skill on how to fix it may be a grey area you are unsure of. Hiring a professional TV installer is always the best choice to get exactly what you wish to achieve. Once up and running, step by step guides will also be provided to ensure you always get the best out of your home entertainment package.


  • Instant entertainment- instead of worrying about tickets, undesirable screen times or the weather which may be discouraging you from heading out to the movies, a home entertainment system will give you the same experience at the comfort and warmth of your home.
  • True theatre experience- a home entertainment system will never fail in superior sound and video quality. You will feel like you are immersed in every scene and soon enough, you will be expanding your living room and looking for premium theatre seats.
  • Cheaper entertainment- a home entertainment system offers great value for money. You get superior quality for no ticket prices.
  • Watching and playing great games- watching football, rugby or even formula one can be exhilarating if you are using a home theatre system. The immersive sound and great video quality will get you feeling as a player in the field. For the gamers, PlayStation and Xbox experience can be heightened if you play it on a home entertainment system.

Don’t use standard equipment. If you want the best of your experience, a home entertainment system is what you need.


Find Your Local VW Birmingham Centre

VW Birmingham Service Centre

When you need to have your VW Birmingham serviced, you will need to find a service centre that is both reputable and professional when it comes to servicing such cars. There are usually so many service centres for VW Birmingham that will claim to be the best when it comes to offering the kind of services you require. However, this is not always the case, you will need to find the best and the most reputable service centre. Below are some useful tips you can use when looking for the best service centre.

VW Birmingham

Experience & Reputation Working with VW Birmingham

It would be important to ensure that you, first of all, check the kind of experience as well as the reputation of a VW Birmingham service centre you could be considering has before making your final decision. The best centre would be the one that has a long track record of experience as it shows that the service centre is competent in its work and hence its ability to survive for many years in its service industry. The longer it has been in existence the better its skills and performance would be in the long run. You should also labour to get the kind of reputation the service centre in consideration has before settling for it. This information can be easily got from the feedback its past customers have posted on its website as well as in reviews. A good reputation will signal a great service centre and thus you will get your car the best service available in your location.

Qualifications and Skills

These are two other important factors to consider when searching for a reputable service centre. You have to enquire whether the centre you are considering has staffs that are well qualified in servicing vehicles your type and brand. This will ensure that you avoid the risk of handing over your car to people who do not understand a thing about how your type of vehicle is handled leading to issues later and more expenses on your part. A good service centre will supply you with such information before you agreeing to their terms as well as furnish you with documentary evidence that indeed their staff are well trained and qualified to handle your VW Birmingham. If you will be able to check out all the above important tips, then you will be successful in getting the best car service centre for your car.

Rehab West Midlands

There are many rehabilitation centres throughout the West Midlands, both private and NHS funded, offering support and help for those wanting to overcome addictions.  

Similarities and differences between NHS funded and private rehab 

Comparing private and NHS funded rehab centres, they have minimal similarities and many differences. These include but are not limited to: 

Similarities:  Differences: 
Help and support for those suffering with a wide range of addictions.  Cost of private rehab can be quite costly. 
  In private rehab you tend to have a dedicated care provider. 
  Unlike NHS funded rehab, with private rehab you have guidance and support post rehab. 
  NHS funded rehab is often on an outpatient basis. 


Types of addictions: 

There are many types of addiction which can be treated in rehab centres. Generally, the different types of addictions fall into two categories: behavioural and substance addictions.  

Although there are many common types of addiction such as alcohol addiction (also known as alcoholism) and drug addictions. However, it is a known fact that you can become addicted to anything, whether it be an activity, person, or something edible.  

You become addicted to something when you experience detrimental effects from it. However, there are many other signs which show that you are addicted to something.  

Addiction treatment and services 

Some of the rehab centres in the West Midlands will follow the same approach when it comes to helping an individual overcome their addiction. Usually, the process is as follows: 

  • Detoxification  
  • Rehabilitation 
  • Aftercare 
  • Family support 
  • Treatment packages  

However, this may not be in the case, as rehabilitation is tailored to each individual and their addiction.  

Screed a Floor

How to Screed a Floor?

When you screed a floor, the screeding process is designed to provide a perfectly smooth and level finish to any room, be it a commercial or domestic building companies like GM floor screeds provide professional flooring solutions for all.

There are many different floor screed options such a the more traditional sand and cement screed to the newer liquid screed. Each of these methods to screed a floor come with different properties and attributes that may be more applicable to your situation, so it is important to consider the perfect flooring solution for you. For example, if you have underfloor heating you may want to consider the liquid screed option as It transfers heat far better than a standard sand and cement screed.

Step by Step Guide on How to Screed a Floor

Before starting to screed a floor, you must understand the importance of correct floor preparation for the screed to be laid on top of. This is because preparation is probably the most important stage, the floor screed is only as good as what’s underneath it, so it is vitally important that everything has been prepared to a high standard before continuing. Below is a step by step guide of how to screed a floor using the more traditional sand and cement method.

levelling a screed

Step 1- The right mix to screed a floor

It is important to get the right sand to cement ratio making sure that the consistency of the mix is correct. The recommended ratio commonly used is 4:1 sand to cement.  The consistency right consistence of the mix should hold together in your hands when compressed into a ball but then crumble up nicely without leaving wet clumps.

Step 2 – Levels/sections

To screed a floor correctly is to create a perfectly level surface, so it is important to create levels using timber battens. This allows you to work in a much smaller space at a time, the battens will create runners upon which you can lay your straight-edge when you begin to smooth off the surface. meaning an easy guide to screed a floor perfectly level.

Step 3 – Laying the Screed

Once the mix is complete start to lay the mix onto the floor laying enough to cover around 60cm of flooring at a time. With each trowel of mix spread it across the area you’ll be working on. Compact the mix as you go regularly as poor compaction is a common problem when you screed a floor. Finally Place the straight edge and slowly begin to draw it back in a slightly circular, sawing motion along the top of the battens to create a smooth and flat finish.

levelling a floor screed

Step 4 – Protection & Drying a Screed floor

Now you know how to screed a perfectly level floor make sure that absolutely nobody walks or puts pressure on any part of the floor for 48 hours. This is to keep the flooring protected and prevent cracks appearing. For a typical sand and cement floor screed the drying time is usually one day for every millimetre in depth. Finally, after the drying period has passed the screed is complete and you now know how to perfectly screed a floor.

Why is using the right furniture in your office important?

Whether your office is open to clients or private and only visible to employees, choosing the right office furniture is extremely important. One of the reasons being so it looks professional, as well as being comfortable for employees and clients. Office carpet tiles are often a good way of doing this. Many other reasons as to why the right office furniture is important to include the productivity of your staff, clean and neat office and being accessible.

Having an office that gives off a professional manner is essential for both business partners and clients. They should be welcomed into an office that is not only attractive but comfortable also. Therefore an inviting atmosphere that reflects the aims of your business is important. This could be mirrored from the type of office furniture you may have. It should combine together both purpose and function.

As stated earlier, staff productivity is also very important and therefore there are a few accessories which you may wish to add to your office space. These include coat hooks, a refreshment area or even a break room for employees. If your business has frequent meetings, a meeting room which proper office furniture and different accessories may be useful.


Types of office furniture:

There are many different types of office furniture. These include but are not limited to:

• Space-saving desks

• Locker rooms

• Carpet and vinyl flooring

• Air conditioning and heating

• LED lighting

• Office seating

• Other accessories such as monitor arms

When choosing office furniture, it should be based on what your business and employees need to work efficiently and comfortably. You should purchase as little furniture as possible as you do not want to clutter up the office and you want the space to be accessible.