Choosing Air Conditioning for Your Office

Before you decide on what type of air conditioning you require, you first need to figure out how many air conditioners you need.

There is a rough guide which can be used to calculate the cooling power needed to sufficiently cool your office space.

7,500 BTU (2.2kW) 150 square feet
9,000 BTU (2.6kW) 250 square feet
10,000 BTU (2.9kW) 300 square feet
12,000 BTU (3.5kW) 400 square feet
13,000 BTU (3.8kW) 450 square feet
14,000 BTU (4.1kW) 500 square feet


This table shows how much cooling capacity is needed compared to the size of the office. Many other variables need to be taken into consideration when choosing your air conditioning. This includes how many people are working in the office as well as any heat emitting devices that are being used. Direct sunlight also needs to be considered as this can have a massive effect on how hot your office gets.

One way of cooling your office down is to consider air conditioning hire for the summer months, this can work out cheaper than getting an aircon unit installed into the building itself.


Types of Portable Air Conditioners

There are a few different types of portable air conditioners on the market.

Exhaust Tube Air Conditioning

This type of portable air conditioner is the common due to its practicality and cost effectiveness. Exhaust tube air conditioners work by pulling hot air through the front grills. Heat transfer is then used to cool the hot air and then pumped directly out the front. Any leftover heat is pumped out of an exhaust at the rear of the unit.

The exhaust pipe is usually the downfall of these units as heat can often return to the room being cooled.

Split Type Air Conditioning

This type of air conditioning unit is the most efficient available to hire or buy today. Due to their efficiency they are also the most expensive units you can buy; therefore, it may be cheaper to hire instead. As the name suggests split type air conditioning uses an external box where the heat is expelled from the main unit.

These external units are far more flexible than exhaust pipes as they can reach up to 30 metres. This means there is no danger of heat getting back into the office being cooled.

To conclude the biggest factor when choosing an air conditioning unit is your budget. There is a big difference in price between exhaust tube air conditioning and split type air conditioning. The size of your office will also have an affect on how much you need to spend.